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Ways to Remove Fansmitter Malware Completely

What is Fansmitter?

Fansmitter is a stubborn computer virus breaking out recently. After we test its nature in our lab, we found that it is a Trojan and you should worry about itself as well as the virus brought or produced by it. It is dangerous in several ways, so you should never keep it here for long, otherwise, your PC will be destroyed.

How does Fansmitter get virus inside?

Fansmitter would like to check up the whole system when it gets inside the PC, and then it will soon estimate the existed bugs on the system. It is able to make sure which way is the best to get the virus inside. Besides, it can also clear up all the firewall obstacles and then display virus it made. Continue reading

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Ways to Remove MPC Cleaner Rogueware Completely

What is MPC Cleaner?

MPC Cleaner is an malware which will put your computer at dangerous situation and make your sustain financial loss and identity theft. It can infect your OS silently when you install free software, visit adult website, open attachments in spam email, or download software update from third party file-sharing websites. Being infected by MPC Cleaner adware will make your web browser unusable and cause poor system performance. It modifies your Registry to make to be run automatically along with system startup, so no matter you launch PC via regular mode or even Safe Mode, MPC Cleaner can load its harmful service to connect remote server. It uses cookies to collect your system data such as ISP, system version, web browser version, IP address and search queries when you connect the Internet, then it communicate with remote adware server to generate customized ads that may attract your attention. On almost every website, MPC Cleaner display commercial ads and spam BSOD popup to cheat you into buying expensive products. These ads by MPC Cleaner persist on your browser so that you cannot browse any website without interruption.

delete MPC Cleaner

spam ads caused by MPC Cleaner related adware

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Get Rid of Live PC Help Malware? Removal Guide

What is Live PC Help? Is it legit or fake?

Live PC Help is the newest version of rogue antivirus program developed to treat the PC users for money via scaring them with horrific security report generated from its fake system scanning. You may be confused by its trustworthy interface and take it as a legit program when you see it for the first time, but in fact, Live PC Help is completely a rogue program has no any functions but messes up your PC. Once Live PC Help lurks into your PC, it will change your startup settings to make itself run automatically when Windows starts, then it hides itself at the background and keeps harassing you periodically with fake system alerts saying that your PC has been infected with dangerous virus, and it boosts that it has prepared excellent solutions for killing those virus, which is just a slick ruse used to convince you to purchase the full version of it. Besides, this vermin may come with other threats such as worm, Trojan or malware, putting your PC into a more dangerous situation.

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Get Rid of MPC Cleaner Malware? MPC Cleaner Removal Guide

What is MPC Cleaner?

MPC Cleaner is a trouble maker that you should not let it stay on your PC. This application claims that it can clean up your system if you install it, but the fact is opposite. MPC Cleaner is an unreliable app that displays spam ads that make you lose money for being scammed. On installed, you will receive lots of intrusive and irritating ads pushed by MPC Cleaner, which seemingly offers coupons and discounts and best deal.

But if you click those ads by MPC Cleaner, you will be redirected to third party sites which may be related with scam. Moreover, at the moment you click MPC Cleaner ads, other malware can be downloaded to your system without your knowledge. You will experience terrible online performance due to the endless banner ads, popups and text ads by MPC Cleaner. Therefore, we consider MPC Cleaner as PUP / adware and recommend that you remove as soon as possible.

get rid of MPC Cleaner

MPC Cleaner ads

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(Solved) How to Fix “Dnsapi.dll is not found” Error?

While trying to run a program, “Dnsapi.dll is not found” error occur and then the program is out of function? Have no idea how to remove “Dnsapi.dll is not found” error and fix your program? This post is a efficient tutorial for you to stop Dnsapi.dll is not found popup step by step, read details below:

About “Dnsapi.dll is not found”

In the past half a month, a great many of computer users have been annoyed by “Dnsapi.dll is not found” error and still have no any clue why the error keeps appearing. Now the victims of “Dnsapi.dll is not found” error is still increasing, thus our PC security lab researches on the issue and finally confirmed that the issue is caused by malware attack. According to researches, lots of victims having “Dnsapi.dll is not found” problem are also suffering from problems such as homepage redirecting, spam alerts popup and harassment of commercial ads. All these issues are triggered by Adware and PUP such as DNS Unlocker, which makes changes on system settings and damage or replace important files on registry. Therefore, due to the mutilation of Registry, “Dnsapi.dll is not found” error will be triggered when the apps you run need the Dnsapi.dll file.  Continue reading

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