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LAUNCHPAGE.ORG is a unsafe domain which has been regarded as kind of spyware and PUP (potentially unwanted program). Whatever your preferred browser is Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, you may confront with infecting this virus. LAUNCHPAGE.ORG adware acts as Browser Helper Program which is far away from it in fact.

After our tech team analyzed it, we found it is ad-supported website, and it displays brings sponsored links, video ads, coupons, in-text ads on your browser. And in generally, it will infect your browser by spam mail, porn websites, and freeware installer.
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Remove Our Lucky Sites Virus Completely

Our Lucky Sites

Our Lucky Sites

Our Lucky Sites is a browser hijacker which is known as a controller to the browsers. No matter what functions your browsers have, it can encroach on them. It is made to earn money for its developers, so all it has conducted are for making money.

Firstly, Our Lucky Sites has the cooperation with some websites or dangerous items. The more it provides convenience to them, the more money it will get. And this payment are calculated by the clicks and downloading rate. To achieve a big amount, it will change the homepage and searching engine with its addresses. And it can lead users to these websites with the fake titles.

Secondly, Our Lucky Sites earns money by selling your data and information. It makes sense for a browser hijacker to have all your data and privacy. And the buyers are the cyber criminals. These information and data will help them to steal your money. Besides, this information can also be used to cheat your friends and families. Continue reading

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WWW.OURLUCKYSITES.COM is an especially ordinary browser hijacker for it always veils itself as a web searching engine. You might be befuddled that you have your google and you won’t change to use WWW.OURLUCKYSITES.COM. And then you will also find that this site is all-powerful and you can do nothing when it changes your default homepage. In addition, you will discover that your browser settings are also changed, including greeting page, suspicious sites cautioning, and other assurance capacities.


WWW.OURLUCKYSITES.COM carries on this practices to get advantages from its cooperation websites. To a great degree, it is an inefficient web searcher. Each one of the results are from google. Additionally, a part of the fundamental ones are occupied to the vindictive websites, like porn sites, illegal websites, or anti-government websites, and these websites will contain adware, freeware, or virus which will involve your PC resource and take money from you later. Continue reading

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Best Guide to Remove INITIALSITE123.COM



Experienced users can easily recognize that INITIALSITE123.COM is a browser hijacker, but many of them have once been cheated by it, because it is capable of cheating the people who may even know it for long. It camouflages as a searching engine and takes chances to link your to suspicious websites. And nearly all the browser hijacker have the same effects, so if you keep reading this article, you will soon know how tackle this item and keep it away from your PC efficiently. Continue reading

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How Can I Remove pop-up?

What is pop-up? pop-up is triggered by adware which spends significant time in showing advertisements in different structures, for example, standard ads, pop-up ads, in-content advertisements, video advertisements, sound ads, interstitial ads, and so forth.. These advertisements are made by the subjects you are acquainted with. What’s more, they will likewise cheat you to visit the fishing websites. So you will face with personality spillage. We don’t think it is safe to keep it here.

How does pop-up impact your PC?

Once virus gets inside, it will situate on the browsers, like Microsoft edge, google chrome, internet explorer, mozilla firefox and even safari. That is to say, the more you utilize your browsers, the more profound you are infected. Likewise, it can control your PC. The advertisements by pop-up will give you a great variety of perilous things, which will likewise help it to advance its ads. So it resembles an endless loop and it is interminable until your PC is slammed. Continue reading

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