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Remove “dnsapi.dll is missing” Error – Fix “dnsapi.dll is missing” Popup

dnsapi.dll is missing

“dnsapi.dll is missing” error will occur on your computer once some of your applications have been corrupted. Essentially, “dnsapi.dll is missing” is triggered by files corruption or missing in Registry, which is major target of Adware and Malware. In short, appearing of “dnsapi.dll is missing” error indicate that your system has been infected by infections.

You may wonder how the malware related with “dnsapi.dll is missing” get inside your PC without your knowledge. Our team’s researches have found that these threats are brought by several sources, including files attached on spam emails, PUP plugged in freeware and  links on porn websites. As soon as they infiltrate your system, your Registry will be in a mess and then various errors such as “dnsapi.dll is missing” will occur constantly when you run some affected software or do some else operations. Continue reading

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Uninstall Malware Protection Live Malware (Quick Guide)

Some how this is in my systray and I do not remember installing this. I am using Mcafee live-safe Internet security. For protection can anyone please tell me what is the best way to remove malware protection live from my Desktop computer? Thank you

I noticed a program in the task bar called Malware Protection Live that re-installs itself at every reboot (after uninstalling and erasing from the installation directory). And Malwarebytes can´t track it..

What is Malware Protection Live?

Malware Protection Live is an third party antimalware software never act as what its name indicates. In fact, Malware Protection Live has been regarded as rogue antimalware app which all the users should remove as quickly as possible, since this program enter users’ computer without consent and refuse the users to uninstall it. Lots of victims wonder that how this Malware Protection Live rogueware get into their system even they never install it, in fact, this rogueware is packed in freeware installer. For example, it can hide a media converter provided by third party file-sharing websites, thus when you download and install such media converter, its installer will silently add other unwanted programs or malware such as Malware Protection Live to your system. It’s not a secret that most of file-sharing sites promote sponsored software to earn fees through freeware. If you want to avoid such risks in the future, always choose Custom Install and deselect all hidden options.

Malware Protection Live

Malware Protection Live fake alerts

Once Malware Protection Live invade your system, it will become one of the startup programs and replace your default security tool without permission. It automatically runs at the background to highly use your CPU and make entire system sluggish. Moreover, it displays phony virus alerts to fool you that your system is at risk and you need to activate Malware Protection Live with a charged license. Attention! This is common trick of rogueware, which scares users with fake scanning report and swindle users to buy full version of antivirus or antimalware. The so-called full version of Malware Protection Live will not provide you any useful function, instead, it degrades system performance from every aspect. In case Malware Protection Live has infects your system,  take action to get rid of it at once, or it can cause troubles such as identity theft.  Continue reading

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(Guide) How to Remove Watchdog Violation Error Popup?

I recently did the free upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7 home premium. After a couple days, it crashed and started the watchdog violation error and that it needs to restart. Laptop will not get to login screen.Is there any way i can fix this issue?

I just bought my new laptop a week ago installed with Microsoft Windows 8.1 64bit. It was running fine but suddenly the BSOD started acting again and again. It said that it was a watchdog error . Even if I do nothing there is suddenly a BSOD. Please help me

What is Watchdog Violation Error?

Watchdog Violation Error or DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION error is an malware causing constant Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) on Windows machines. When your PC has been infected by Watchdog Violation Error virus, you cannot use your system normally at all since it keeps crashing and restarting your system with blue screen saying Watchdog Violation error repeatedly. In worse situation, you will not be able to log in your system if it has caused severe BIOS corruption or driver corruption. According to deep research on Watchdog Violation Error, our experts found that DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION blue screen is related with trojan horse and malware hiding on your system. You may get infected by these tricky threats while visiting risky porn sites, installing free software, opening downloaded torrent files or attachments of spam email. After getting inside your PC, malicious startup services will be added with the changes making on your Registry. Your web browser will be connected to remote server and all kinds of threats will be dropped without consent. Many of crucial system files will be damaged to trigger frequent Watchdog Violation Error with blue screen and system death. BSOD will be acting again and again to prevent you to have any operations, if you want to solve the Watchdog Violation Error and make your PC run normally, you need to remove all threats connected with DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION and fix all registry files corrupted. Follow the guide below to solve the issue now before more severe issues happens: Continue reading

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Best Guide to Remove DrSpeedyPC – Delete DrSpeedyPC Rogueware

A unwanted program named DrSpeedyPC somehow has been installed on My PC without my permission i also found other unknown programs as well.  Have removed all problems, except DrSpeedy PC. I’ve done a full scan with Microsoft Security Essentials but that didn’t succeed and after restarting after the scan the suspicious app came back to program list. how can i uninstall it?

I’ve been infected by a rogue  program called DrSpeedyPC and now I can’t use MSE to eliminate that, it makes my computer slow and keeps showing me some system issues. My MSE shows no threat or problems, so i did not believe DrSpeedyPC. How can I delete that rogue app and fix all this situation???

What is DrSpeedyPC?

DrSpeedyPC is a third party software claims that it can clean and optimize your PC to ensure peak performance. It looks like reliable according to its website and program interface, but actually it is suspicious since it is packed on freeware and usually come into users PC without users permission. Once DrSpeedyPC lurks into your PC, it will change your startup settings to make itself run automatically when Windows starts, then it hides itself at the background and keeps harassing you periodically with bogus alerts saying that your PC has junks, or registry errors, and it boosts that it can help you fix errors and optimize system performance. In fact, if you want to let DrSpeedyPC clean up junks and speed up your system, it will require you to buy license key. This is common method for most of unreliable tools selling it products, you’d better not to trust it. Instead, we recommend users to uninstall DrSpeedyPC as quickly as possible, for the safety and good performance of your system.

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How to Remove Virus and Malware from Microsoft Edge in Windows 10? (Guide)

Problems and Viruses on Win 10 and Microsoft Edge Are Increasing Quickly

Recently, more and more Windows users upgraded their system to Windows 10 and start to use Microsoft Edge, but coming along with the new features and new experience of this new OS, users started to encounter lots of errors and computer viruses due to the imperfectness of Win 10 and Microsoft Edge browser. Since Win 10 and Edge browser is new to most of users, they are all facing difficult time when handling those threats and problems:

First time using this new browser on Windows 10 (Microsoft Edge) and BOOM a malware window pops up! I expected more with windows 10. I have ran Microsoft Malicious malware tool, ADWCleaner, and Avast antivirus and it is still there. Any ideas? THERE IS A .NET FRAME WORK MISSING DUE TO SOME HARMFUL VIRUS Debug malware error 895-system 32.exe failure

Windows Edge has locked up- “contact for virus removal” I’ve tried airplane mode, it still goes to “contact for virus removal” I’ve shut it down, and rebooted, still goes to “contact for virus removal” 。I’ve run malware, it didn’t find anything. Window Defender is active. Does anyone have any ideas.

Has anyone successfully removed a virus that comes from “”? It showed up on opening of Microsoft Edge on my new HP Spectre 360, running Windows 10, on day two of operation.It arrived labled as a Firewall Alert. I have Windows Defender, MalwareBytes, and both find no infection after scanning.

I am struggling from last one week to remove this adware called ‘Internet Program’. It was there before upgrading to Windows 10 and it’s still there.Very annoying. Redirects to Yahoo search when you open browser. Continuously changes your homepage and search engine setting. Too many ads and moment you click on a link redirects to third party pages and tries to post something on Facebook (my fb is not logged in but looking at link you can guess it’s trying to post something). After approx. 3-4 min. all open pages starts redirecting. Please help.

Screenshots of Spam Virus on Microsoft Edge of Win 10

spam alerts on Microsoft Edge

scam popups on Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge virus

Microsoft Edge fake alerts

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