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Get Rid of MPC Cleaner Malware? MPC Cleaner Removal Guide

What is MPC Cleaner?

MPC Cleaner is a trouble maker that you should not let it stay on your PC. This application claims that it can clean up your system if you install it, but the fact is opposite. MPC Cleaner is an unreliable app that displays spam ads that make you lose money for being scammed. On installed, you will receive lots of intrusive and irritating ads pushed by MPC Cleaner, which seemingly offers coupons and discounts and best deal.

But if you click those ads by MPC Cleaner, you will be redirected to third party sites which may be related with scam. Moreover, at the moment you click MPC Cleaner ads, other malware can be downloaded to your system without your knowledge. You will experience terrible online performance due to the endless banner ads, popups and text ads by MPC Cleaner. Therefore, we consider MPC Cleaner as PUP / adware and recommend that you remove as soon as possible.

get rid of MPC Cleaner

MPC Cleaner ads

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How Do I Remove redirector.gvt1.com? ( Removal Guide )

About redirector.gvt1.com

redirector.gvt1.com is a third party advertising platform which has been found to be related with Adware and PUP virus. Your system may get infected by redirector.gvt1.com at the moment you install free applications, open attachments of spam email, update software from third party website, or access to porn websites. The invasion of redirector.gvt1.com means numerous malware are installed as well without your permission, because it is part of malware installer. Staying on your PC, it makes changes on Registry that affects LAN settings and browser settings, thus it can communicate with remote server which can transfers infections into your system. Your Avast will detect and block redirector.gvt1.com activities when it tries to connect remote server or download threats, so you will keep receiving Avast alerts constantly.

redirector.gvt1.com virus

redirector.gvt1.com virus alert


Security Risks Caused by redirector.gvt1.com

redirector.gvt1.com virus can seriously affect performance on your Internet and system running, and put your privacy at risk. According to tests on redirector.gvt1.com virus, our PC Security Lab has confirmed that it can cause the following problems: your web-surfing may be interrupted by spam ads and popups, your browser homepage may be replaced by unsafe third party search providers, you may encounter scam virus alerts generated by cyber criminals, your Internet will become sluggish, numerous of your programs may occur errors, your system may crash randomly, your system updates may be disabled, your personal files may be encrypted by ransomware related with redirector.gvt1.com, and your personal information may be stolen and used by hacker for scam. In short, redirector.gvt1.com virus can put your entire PC and your personal files and information at risk, therefore you need to get rid of redirector.gvt1.com infection as quickly as possible. In case you have problem to remove the threat on your own, read the removal steps that can assist you to eliminate redirector.gvt1.com below: Continue reading

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SecurityApps Removal Guide – Delete SecurityApps virus

How to Get Rid of SecurityApps Virus

SecurityApps is an newly identified Potentially Unwanted Program and Adware that inserts web browser as a extension. Different from legit browser plug-in, this SecurityApps adware is installed and enabled without users’ approval, and it never give users a option to delete or disable it. Even though you delete it with some antivirus tools temporally, it is able to come up after system restart. By hiding on your PC deeply, SecurityApps will run unwanted Windows services when you launch system, and it runs harmful processes silently to connect your browser with remote server that transfers ads. It collects your browser statistic and learn what you may be interested in, then it helps its partners send some ads related with search query you used, so as to gain your clicks and sell you something.

delete SecurityApps

SecurityApps ads

It’s better not clicking any ad or popup from SecurityApps, because it may take you some websites that contain spyware which steals your sensitive information. Tons of ads by SecurityApps slow down your Internet, redirects your search engine results and crash down your browser randomly. Besides, SecurityApps and some other PUPs downloaded by it degrade your system performance and cause many trouble to you if you leave them on your PC. Now you should follow the guides below to delete all threats and malware hiding there, read steps now:

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How Can I Remove windi.exe? windi.exe Removal Guide

Windi.exe Description

Windi.exe is from vicious adware which keeps bombarding you with ads pop-up. The virus usually spreads as browser add-on, toolbar or malware program embedded into targeted system for malicious money-related purpose. This virus can propagate via pornographic websites, insecure file-sharing programs and spam email attachments.

get rid of windi.exe

random spam ads from windi.exe

Once Windi.exe virus infiltrates your PC, it will strongly interfere with your online habit with creating the interrupted popping-up advertisements on every webpage you open. The nasty adware eats up most of your RAM and CPU room, makes the system perform slowly and weirdly, and causes system crash. Moreover, it will come with other severe threats such as hijacker which redirects your browser, spyware which steals your confidential information, ransomware which lock your system and extort your money, etc. From the above information, we can 100% determine that Windi.exe is a severely evil treat to your PC, it needs to be removed as early as possible.
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Guide to Remove Dnsapi.dll Virus Completely Step by Step

Are you getting “Dnsapi.dll is not found” error while trying to open an program? Keep getting “Dnsapi.dll is Missing” error on your system? It is a clear indication of PUP or Adware infection. Researches have found that the occurance of Dnsapi.dll is not found or Dnsapi.dll is Missing error is due to corruption of program files or system files attacked by malware. To fix the Dnsapi.dll error, the victims need to locate and uninstall all malware related with it. The guide in this page is written for removing Dnsapi.dll virus, take it as a reference:


Dnsapi.dll virus can be deemed as a sort of potentially unwanted program (PUP), and is likewise one of normal adware which could bring in vital danger to your PC. It shroud itself on your browsers as a browser plug-ins, banners, extension, or add-on,, regardless of what browser you utilized, for example, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and even Safari.

get rid of Dnsapi.dll

ads by Dnsapi.dll

Dnsapi.dll related adware gains profit by pulling in you to click its supported connection and install its freeware. It first takes your data by observing your browsers, including all your scanning history, record, registration information, and so on. And afterward, Dnsapi.dll appears as promoting ads which present the items you like indicated by your scanning key words with incredible markdown. Since it appears in the official sites of some online stores for quality items, you start to trust the advertisements belong to the sites, so you clicks it! Continue reading

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