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Useful Tools For PC Security


After reviewing and comparing a plenty of PC security software from all aspects, our security team finally pick out the best AntiMalware / AntiSpyware and Antivirus software which can provide Windows machines with top security and help users remove all PC infections. We have listed the top security software below for reference, if your PC does not  have any antivirus software, or if your PC has been infected by any threat or malware, we suggest you to use them to clean up all viruses and keep your PC in safe state. (Click the image of the software and you will get the download link on their .)


AntiSpyware / AntiMalware


System Optimizer


Avast Internet Security 2015


Trend Micro Internet Security


Bitdefender Total Security 2015



Kaspersky Internet Security



BullGuard Internet Security

Top Software For Data Recovery

In daily use of computer, users’ personal files such as image, photo, Microsoft Office files, PDF files and Outlook Files may be corrupted or deleted due to users’ mistake or virus attack, and these corruptions cause huge loss to PC users. Therefore our security team find out numerous top-class Data Recovery software that can recover inaccessible, damaged, or deleted files on Windows PC. If your important files have been lost or damaged by virus or by mistake, try your luck with the software below, we hope these data recovery tools can help you out.  (Click the image of the software and you will get the download link on their .)


Photo Recovery


excel files recovery

Excel Files Recovery


word files recovery

Word Files Recovery


Access files recovery

Access Files Recovery


PDF Files recovery

PDF Files Recovery

Outlook Express Recovery

Outlook Express Recovery

Testimonials from Visitors

my chrome got infected by a  virus is called oursurfing. I have done things such as uninstalling programmes, changing home page and search engine URL, refreshed Firefox, removed suspicious toolbars and extensions , but when I restart the computer, it just came back and annoyed me. i search google and finally found a effective guide on this site and i remove oursufing with spyhunter and reghunter quickly. Awesome! THX VERY MUCH!

  Jimmy from Canada


i accidentally  installed Crossbrowes and keep failing to delete it.  I have tried by using Uninstall from the Control Panel but I cannot remove it. Luckily i read the guide here and solve it with just 20 mins via auto removal steps. Huge thx  to the author, you are my hero!

Carrol from England

The goddamn Adware drive me to mad for torturing me over a week! The adware always opens a popup to and takes me to random sites. i cannot find and uninstall its program from extension and program list, then i tried the automatic removal with Spyhunter, and it turned out to be a great tool that solves my issue so quickly! i will use it to guard my computer from now forever!

 Lisa from Australia


Two days ago this cloudscout malware infects my firefox weirdly  and started to show ads and popups everywhere, i follow many guides and use many antivrus  but nothing  helped. i was losing hope and and assumed that i have to reinstall my pc. One of my friend told me that he have solve similar ads problem on this site with some tools. So i  tried to follow the steps it provides and installed spyhunter, and found that it really solved the cloudscout! , i will recommend this site to every one!

 Bake from United States