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How Do I Remove bart.zip encrypt virus?

About Bart.zip encrypt virus

Do you know what is Bart.zip encrypt virus? It is strange for many users when it first appears on their folders. But recently it becomes famous since lots of users reported that bart.zip encrypt virus suddenly appears on their system and then their files are encrypted. If you are one of the victims, read details about it in this post and learn about how to solve it.

Bart.zip encrypt virus is deemed as ransomware and it is made for cheating money from users. So hackers would like to display it to as many as possible computers. Bart.zip encrypt virus earns money by infecting all the files on the PC no matter what kinds of files they are. After it does this to your PC, it will leave the indicating notes in every archives so that users could know what is happen and contact them to buy decryption key. In this situation, users may most probably surrender to pay it for the key because the security applications on the PC cannot work, which is actually caused by Bart.zip encrypt virus. So they have no choice but paying it.

get rid of bart.zip encrypt virus

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