Uninstall Malware Protection Live Malware (Quick Guide)

Some how this is in my systray and I do not remember installing this. I am using Mcafee live-safe Internet security. For protection can anyone please tell me what is the best way to remove malware protection live from my Desktop computer? Thank you

I noticed a program in the task bar called Malware Protection Live that re-installs itself at every reboot (after uninstalling and erasing from the installation directory). And Malwarebytes can´t track it..

What is Malware Protection Live?

Malware Protection Live is an third party antimalware software never act as what its name indicates. In fact, Malware Protection Live has been regarded as rogue antimalware app which all the users should remove as quickly as possible, since this program enter users’ computer without consent and refuse the users to uninstall it. Lots of victims wonder that how this Malware Protection Live rogueware get into their system even they never install it, in fact, this rogueware is packed in freeware installer. For example, it can hide a media converter provided by third party file-sharing websites, thus when you download and install such media converter, its installer will silently add other unwanted programs or malware such as Malware Protection Live to your system. It’s not a secret that most of file-sharing sites promote sponsored software to earn fees through freeware. If you want to avoid such risks in the future, always choose Custom Install and deselect all hidden options.

Malware Protection Live

Malware Protection Live fake alerts

Once Malware Protection Live invade your system, it will become one of the startup programs and replace your default security tool without permission. It automatically runs at the background to highly use your CPU and make entire system sluggish. Moreover, it displays phony virus alerts to fool you that your system is at risk and you need to activate Malware Protection Live with a charged license. Attention! This is common trick of rogueware, which scares users with fake scanning report and swindle users to buy full version of antivirus or antimalware. The so-called full version of Malware Protection Live will not provide you any useful function, instead, it degrades system performance from every aspect. In case Malware Protection Live has infects your system,  take action to get rid of it at once, or it can cause troubles such as identity theft. 

How to Get Rid of Malware Protection Live Completely?

Option 1 – Malware Protection Live Automatic Removal (Two Steps – Easy)

Option 2 – Malware Protection Live Manual Removal (Four Steps – Complicated)

(Attentions!!! Manual removal of Malware Protection Live is only for computer experts! If you are a ordinary user, you may make severe mistakes in the manual removal process and then more system problems and risks may occur. Therefore, the Malware Protection Live automatic removal will be best solution for you if you do not have advanced PC skills and rich virus removing experience.)


Option 1 – Remove Malware Protection Live Automatically


Step 1. Detect and remove all malicious files with Malware Protection Live Removal Tool

Malware Protection Live is one of the most stubborn infection capable of obstructing your operations on removing its program or files. It is a tough task for most of computer users to delete this virus since it cannot be removed with common methods such as programs instillation. To get rid of the threat quickly before it causes severe troubles, we we recommend all users to count on a trustworthy Malware Protection Live removal tool named SpyHunter, which is a powerful, real-time anti-spyware application developed to help users remove all the malicious threats. Download and install it to remove all infections at once:

1. Click the blue button below to open of SpyHunter.

(Notes – SpyHunter’s free version can only help you detect malware or virus. If you want to remove the malware threats detected by SpyHunter, you will need to buy license of SpyHunter. If you do not need it any more, please follow instructions on SpyHunter uninstall)


2. On the page, please click Download Free Scanner to download SpyHunter safely and quickly.

download spyhunter to remove Malware Protection Live

Tips: After SpyHunter is downloaded, your Chrome /Firefox /IE/Edge may display such fake security warning ” This type of file can harm your computer. Do you want to keep Download_Spyhunter-Installer.exe anyway?”, which is generated by virus to cheat you, please just ignore the fake warning and click “Keep” button.

3. Once downloaded, please double-click SpyHunter-Installer.exe to start the installation of SpyHunter.


4. When SpyHunter is installed, it will be run automatically, then click Scan Computer Now to detect Malware Protection Live related threats:

5. Once SpyHunter completes the scan, please click Fix Threats to get rid of Malware Protection Live.


Step 2. Fix damaged registry files and speed up your system with RegHunter.

Malware Protection Live virus corrupts registry files in your system to weaken system security and help more threats attack your computer. Besides, the damaged files will result into slow system running and BSOD. To avoid Malware Protection Live and other infections come back again, it’s wise to use RegHunter to fix the Registry and maximize your system speed. RegHunter is the best system optimization tool which can make your computer run as a new one, download and install it now:
1. Click the green button below to open of RegHunter:

(Notes – RegHunter’s free version can only help you scan Registry errors or system errors. If you want to fix the errors detected by RegHunter, you will need to buy license of RegHunter. If you do not need it any more, please follow instructions on RegHunter uninstall)

2. On the page, please click Free PC Diagnosis to download RegHunter safely and quickly.

speed pc with reghunter

Tips: After RegHunter is downloaded, your Chrome /Firefox /IE may display such fake security warning “This type of file can harm your computer. Do you want to keep Download_Reghunter-Installer.exe anyway?”, which is generated by virus to cheat you, please just ignore the fake warning and click “Keep” button.


3. Once downloaded, then double-click RegHunter-Installer.exe to start the installation of RegHunter.

4. When RegHunter is installed, it will be run automatically, then click Scan for Registry Errors Now! to detect files corrupted by Malware Protection Live:


5. Once RegHunter completes the scan, please click Repair All Errors to solve security bugs related with Malware Protection Live.


Option 2 – Remove Malware Protection Live Manually


Step 1 Uninstall all of the Malware Protection Live related applications from Win 10 /Win 8/Win 7/Vista/XP

On Windows 10

1. Click Start Menu >> click Settings

uninstall Malware Protection Live win 10

2. Double-click System

Malware Protection Live uninstillation on win 10

3. Click Apps & features >> Select Malware Protection Live or related harmful program >> Click Uninstall when the button appears

remove Malware Protection Live on windows 10

On Windows 8 /Windows 7/Vista/XP

1. Navigate to Control Panel

On Win 8

– Click the File Explorer icon on the bottom left corner of desktop to open Libraries window.

– Click Desktop in right side bar >> double click Control Panel

remove Malware Protection Live windows 8

Malware Protection Live removal on win 8

On Windows 7/Vista/XP

– Click Start Menu >> Click Control Panel

Malware Protection Live removal support

2. In Control Panel, click Uninstall a program

Malware Protection Live remove guide

4. Click Installed On tab to find out Malware Protection Live and unwanted programs >> Click Uninstall button after selecting a program

Malware Protection Live remove tutorial


Step 2 Clear up malicious files of Malware Protection Live in Regsirty

1. Press Windows + R keys at the same time to open Run window

2. Type regedit and click OK :

3. Locate and clear up the malicious registry files of Malware Protection Live virus:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionpoliciessystem “DisableTaskMgr” = ‘1′
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\[virus name]
HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftInternet ExplorerDownload “CheckExeSignatures” = ‘no’
HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftInternet ExplorerMain “Default_Page_URL”
HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerAdvanced “ShowSuperHidden” = 0′

(These Malware Protection Live registry files keep changing, thus you may see different ones on your computer. Do not remove any registry file if you don’t know if it is from Malware Protection Live virus. In that situation, you’ better use the Automatic Removal method.)


Step 3 Delete extensions/toolbar/add-on associated with Malware Protection Live from Edge, IE, Chrome and Firefox

On Microsoft Edge
(Microsoft Edge browser still does not have extensions options. Now we only need to reset search engine and homepage to remove browser hijacker related with Malware Protection Live)

1. Reset your default search engine to remove search engine hijacker virus.

Select More (…) on the address bar, then Settings:

remove Malware Protection Live adware on Microsoft Edge


Click View advanced settings:

Malware Protection Live removal on Microsoft Edge


Click <Add new> under “Search in the address bar with”, then input the search engine you like:

Malware Protection Live removal guide Microsoft Edge

Now select the search engine you like and click Add as default:

delete Malware Protection Live virus Microsoft Edge

2. Reset your homepage page on Microsoft Edge to remove homepage redirect virus.

Select More (…) on the address bar, then Settings:

remove popups on Microsoft Edge

Under Open with, select A specific page or pages:

remove Malware Protection Live ads on Microsoft Edge

select Custom to enter the URL of page you want to set as homepage:

remove Malware Protection Live virus on Edge browser


  • Open Internet Explorer.
  • Click the Tools button, and then click Manage add-ons.
  • Click Toolbar and Extensions, then select Malware Protection Live and related extensions and click Disable

Malware Protection Live removal on IE

On Firefox

  • Click the menu button and choose Add-ons to open Manager tab
  • In the Add-ons Manager tab, select the Extensions or Appearance panel.
  • Select the Malware Protection Live and related add-on you need to remove.
  • Click the Remove button.

Malware Protection Live removal on firefox

On Chrome

  • Click the hamburger menu icon on the Google Chrome toolbar and then More tools.
  • Select More tools from the menu.
  • Select Extensions from the side menu
  • Click the trash can icon link next to Malware Protection Live extension or related extension you wish to remove.

remove Malware Protection Live on chrome


(Optional) Step 4 Reset DNS to fix and speed up your Internet connection infected by Malware Protection Live.

1. Right-click on the network status notification icon and choose to open the Network and Sharing Center

get rid of Malware Protection Live malware

2. Click the Change adapter settings

Malware Protection Live quick removal

3. Double-click the icon for the Internet connection you are using. This may be labeled as “Local Area Connection” or “Ethernet”. Then click Properties.

Malware Protection Live complete removal

4. Select the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) option and click the Properties button.

Malware Protection Live virus complete removal

5. Select Use the following DNS server addresses, and enter and

quickly delete Malware Protection Live

Important Things You Should Know while Removing Malware Protection Live Manually:

Manual removal procedure requires advanced expert skills and rich experience of solving PC problems, if you cannot understand and execute the operations exactly, you may mess up your computer. Therefore, you have to be very careful when removing registry files of Malware Protection Live, which may change in each system.

If it has taken lots of your time but still make no any progress, we highly recommend you to give up the manual removal method, and then choose the automatic removal method, which is easy, safe and efficient for removing Malware Protection Live: Download and install Spyhunter and RegHunter to get rid of all threats and speed up your computer now.

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