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Files Are Encrypted by Cryp1 – How to Remove Cryp1 Ransomware

Suddenly your personal files are renamed with a .Cryp1 file extension and you cannot open any of them at all? If so, your computer has been attacked by Cryp1 Ransomware, which a file encrypting trojan created by hacker recently. Cryp1 Ransomware is breaking out all over the world, especially in English-speaking countries. To minimize the loss, you need to get rid of Cryp1 extension virus immediately from your system and then you will have chance to recover your important files. This guide aims to assist you remove Cryp1 file virus step by step, check the details below:

Research on Cryp1 Ransomware

Cryp1 Ransomware, also reported as Cryp1 encryption virus, .Cryp1 extension malware, .Cryp1 file extension virus.Cryp1  file ransomware.Cryp1 encrypt malware, is the new variant of the notorious CryptXXX 3.0 ransomware. It is made by cyber criminal and used to rob victims’ money. In case you mistakenly let it enter your computer, it will be a doomsday to your personal files, including media files, images, Microsoft office documents, PDF and any kind of your files will be encrypted with .Cryp1 extension. From then on, you will not have any chance to open any of these infected files any more, and you will have to pay over $1000 to get the so-called decryption key from hacker. Here are the file types can be infected by Cryp1 Ransomware:



Cryp1 Ransomware usually downloads two files to each folder containing encrypted files: !*.txt and !*.html, which are acting as file decrypting instructions for victims. Are they really helpful tips for restoring your files? Never! The two files from Cryp1 Ransomware are just used to tell you how to complete the payment on their decryption key, they are not real solutions for your infected files. Here is the similar messages of Cryp1 Ransomware:

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