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Learn to Remove .locked file extension Virus (MM Locker)

About .locked file extension Virus (MM Locker)

In present, the infection of .locked file extension Virus (MM Locker) to the computer draws public attention. many users lament that their files are destroyed and they don’t know what is on earth going on the PC. So our tech team sets forth to explore the reason. That is why we detect .locked file extension Virus (MM Locker) that is known as a ransomware. Users cannot see it if they don’t have the specialized knowledge in this field and it will make the PC condition worse as well. In the end, users should pay the price if they don’t find it out before it begins to carry on its plan.

So what is the plan of .locked file extension Virus (MM Locker)? It is simple. It will encrypt all the files stored on the PC and it will warn you that you should open them with the decryption keys. And then, you should exchange the keys with ransom. That is the whole scams. But once this begins, you should know that you will begin to suffer a lot. It could infect your credentials when you make money paid or it could also destroy all the files even after it gets your payment. Continue reading

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