How to Remove 1-800-876-6855 Pop-up from Safari

1-800-876-6855 Pop-up

1-800-876-6855 Pop-up is another harmful website that sells bogus tech support or rogueware through scamming Windows users. It pretends to be online Apple tech support partner and claims that their live technician can fixes users PC. So far, 1-800-876-6855 Pop-up is spread through unknown ads or links on hacked websites and free software. After invading your computer, it alters your DNS settings to redirect you to various spam pages. In fact, 1-800-876-6855 Pop-up just displays bogus information to cheat you to call its spam toll free number and buy expensive fake tech service.

1-800-876-6855 Pop-up popup

1-800-876-6855 Pop-up popup

1-800-876-6855 Pop-up redirect virus also can connect adware remote server to download more PUPs that mess up entire PC and bring you terrible user experience. It will flood your viewing pages with annoying banner ads, text ads and popup ads. Moreover, 1-800-876-6855 Pop-up helps third party search engine hijacks your homepage and default search engine. Then all your online surfing will become difficult. The worse thin may happen to you is the privacy leaking issue. 1-800-876-6855 Pop-up can be used to track your online activities and collect your sensitive information, then all your privacy will at risk. Malware from 1-800-876-6855 Pop-up also consume lots of system resources to slow down the speed of the computer, causing system crashing randomly. To restore your PC back to healthy state and avoid more infections, you need to get rid of 1-800-876-6855 Pop-up as quickly as you can. Follow the clear removal-instruction we offer below to delete all threats from your computer.

What Security Issues May Be Caused by 1-800-876-6855 Pop-up Virus?

  • It downloads trojan and worm to corrupt registry files and weaken your computer security;
  • It helps browser hijacker to take over your web browser and take you to unsafe sites;
  • It generates banner ads, text ads and other forms of ads to cheat you buy useless things;
  • It assists spyware to collect your system data and share them with cyber criminal;
  • It facilitates remote attacker enter your Apple devices to steal your files and hack your accounts.

Guide to Remove 1-800-876-6855 Pop-up from Safari and Mac

Step 1.Uninstall 1-800-876-6855 Pop-up related software completely on Mac OS.

1. Open “Finder”
2. Go to the “Applications” folder
3. Right click 1-800-876-6855 Pop-up or other unwanted program, then select “Move to Trash”
4. Open “Trash” folder and select “Empty”

remove 1-800-876-6855 Pop-up on Safari Mac

Step 2.Remove 1-800-876-6855 Pop-up related extension on Safari, Chrome and Firefox on Mac.

On Safari

  1. Open up Safari
  2. Click onto ‘Safari’ and then select ‘Preferences’
  3. Select the ‘extensions’ tab in the top menu bar
  4. It will display all extensions, or plugins that are currently installed
  5. Choose 1-800-876-6855 Pop-up and related or suspicious extensions you want to uninstall
  6. Click the Uninstall button

get rid of 1-800-876-6855 Pop-up on Mac Safari

delete 1-800-876-6855 Pop-up on Safari


On Mac Chrome

  1. Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.
  2. Click Tools.
  3. Select Extensions.
  4. Click the trash can icon to delete 1-800-876-6855 Pop-up extension.
  5. Make sure to remove all extensions you do not know or need.
  6. A confirmation dialog appears, click Remove.

delete 1-800-876-6855 Pop-up on chrome on Mac


On Mac Firefox

  1. Open Firefox, then go to Firefox OSX menu select Preferences
  2. In the Add-ons Manager tab, select the Extensions panel.
  3. Make sure to remove all extensions you do not know or need.
  4. Click Disable or Remove button of 1-800-876-6855 Pop-up.
  5. Click Restart now if it pops up.

delete 1-800-876-6855 Pop-up on firefox in Mac

Step 3. Download Avast Free Mac Security to detect and remove 1-800-876-6855 Pop-up related infections.

1 . Click “Download Now” button below to open of Avast Free Mac Security:

1-800-876-6855 Pop-up removal tool for Mac

2. On the Avast page opened, click FREE DOWNLOAD to download Avast Free Mac Security.

remove 1-800-876-6855 Pop-up malware from Mac

3. Once Avast is downloaded, follow the below instructions to install it:

  • Run the downloaded Setup file avast_free_mac_security.dmg, and select the Avast setup icon on the left.
  • On the displayed setup screen click Continue.
  • Confirm the Avast End User License Agreement, review installation details, and click Install. Confirm installation by entering your administrator credentials.
  • When installation is completed a confirmation appears. You may then close Setup.

4. Now Avast Free Mac Security is installed, please click Scan tab and run a quick scan or full scan to detect and remove 1-800-876-6855 Pop-up and all related viruses and malware.

1-800-876-6855 Pop-up removal in Mac

(Optional) Step 4. Download Trend Micro Internet Security to recheck your Mac and remove remnants of 1-800-876-6855 Pop-up.

Note: If 1-800-876-6855 Pop-up virus is still on your Mac after you complete the steps above, you need to use Trend Micro Internet Security to get rid of all the remnants of 1-800-876-6855 Pop-up.

1. . Click “Download Now” button below to open of Trend Micro Internet Security:

how can i remove 1-800-876-6855 Pop-up malware on Mac


2. On Trend Micro page, click Free Trail button to download the program.

1-800-876-6855 Pop-up complete removal on Mac

3. When Trend Micro Internet Security.dmg is downloaded, double-click it to open the installer, and then double-click Install Trend Micro Internet Security and follow instructions to complete the installation.

how to uninstall 1-800-876-6855 Pop-up on Mac

4. Once it is installed, click “Scan” tab to run a quick scan or full scan to detect and remove remnants of 1-800-876-6855 Pop-up virus / malware.

get rid of 1-800-876-6855 Pop-up on Mac


1-800-876-6855 Pop-up is a severe Mac threat that put your Mac machines at risk and cause severe issues. You may suffer from big financial loss and information theft if you do not get rid of 1-800-876-6855 Pop-up in time. Our security team recommends all users follow the above steps and download the recommended Mac security software (Avast Free Mac Security and Trend Micro Internet Security ) to remove 1-800-876-6855 Pop-up immediately. 98% Mac users successfully delete 1-800-876-6855 Pop-up with this guide, we hope it can solve your problem as well. Good luck.

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