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MISCHA RANSOMWARE is a ransomware which is famous for its ability of encrypting files. As long as it lands on your PC, it will cover itself with the common files, such as jpg. ,png., .docx., src., html., avi.. And then it begins to changes the natures of all the files. It would encrypt them and change their extension name by adding the strange postfix, like .ccc, .vvv, .locky, .micro. And then, if you want to read these files, you should pay them ransom and get the exclusive decryption keys. It costs a lot, but the key may not be invalid as it claimed.

You should know that MISCHA RANSOMWARE is a product of hacker, and it will never provide you a good solution for the problems it created. On the contrast, you will have more problems when you operate your PC. It could slow down your system and make it awkward. Also, it will arise the blue screen of death often, which will drive you crazy when you frequently meet it.


You became victim of the MISCHA RANSOMWARE!

The files on your computer have been encrypted with an military grade encryption algorithm. There is no way to
restore your data without a special key. You can purchase this key on the darknet page shown in step 2.

To purchase your key and restore your data, please follow these three easy steps:

1. Download the Tor Browser at “”. If you need
help, please google for “access onion page”.
2. Visit one of the following pages with the Tor Browser:


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How Do I Remove CryptXXX 2.0?

About CryptXXX 2.0

CryptXXX 2.0 is fresh ransomware which is less known by users. It could steal users’ credentials as well as destroy everything on the PC. So users should attach importance to this item once it gets inside. And this article will give you a general idea about the scams and solution for the problems raised by CryptXXX 2.0. So users can learn from it and apply these methods to all kinds of ransomware like this.

How does CryptXXX 2.0 make the ransom scams?

After our tech team studies this item in our lab, we find that CryptXXX 2.0 takes short time from it got inside to it screwed over all the things on your PC. It could control everything on the PC so it can locate all your files precisely. And then, it will being to encrypt all of them and leave behind the blackmail message on the PC. So users can easily follow its instruction.

delete CryptXXX 2.0

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Learn to Remove .locked file extension Virus (MM Locker)

About .locked file extension Virus (MM Locker)

In present, the infection of .locked file extension Virus (MM Locker) to the computer draws public attention. many users lament that their files are destroyed and they don’t know what is on earth going on the PC. So our tech team sets forth to explore the reason. That is why we detect .locked file extension Virus (MM Locker) that is known as a ransomware. Users cannot see it if they don’t have the specialized knowledge in this field and it will make the PC condition worse as well. In the end, users should pay the price if they don’t find it out before it begins to carry on its plan.

So what is the plan of .locked file extension Virus (MM Locker)? It is simple. It will encrypt all the files stored on the PC and it will warn you that you should open them with the decryption keys. And then, you should exchange the keys with ransom. That is the whole scams. But once this begins, you should know that you will begin to suffer a lot. It could infect your credentials when you make money paid or it could also destroy all the files even after it gets your payment. Continue reading

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How to Remove MM Locker (READ_IT.txt Encrypt Virus)?

MM Locker (READ_IT.txt Encrypt Virus)

You have no idea why you will meet ransomware on the PC because you are not intended to get it inside. But it is aggressive and comes in without consent. MM Locker (READ_IT.txt Encrypt Virus) is one of the ransomware. And it could not be expelled by the antivirus application because it could associated with the common files, such as exe. ,pif., .com., src., html., asp. and it utilized them to secretly exist on the PC.

get rid of MM Locker (READ_IT.txt Encrypt Virus)

So the first step of the infection from MM Locker (READ_IT.txt Encrypt Virus) is to encrypt all the files. It carried on this not for protection your files, but to blackmail you to pay a great among of money. You should follow its instructions to make payment or you have to give up all the files here and reset the system again. Naturally, MM Locker (READ_IT.txt Encrypt Virus) will also disable the security programs here so that users cannot seek help from these programs. In the end, it could destroy your PC and earn money from you. Continue reading

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Remove READ_IT.txt Encryption Virus Completely

What is READ_IT.txt Encryption Virus?

READ_IT.txt Encryption Virus is a Ransomware. It is not common for many users, but it has become the most favorite tools for hackers recently because it could help them to control the users’ PC and then win profits from its conducts. But all these are covered in front of users. And they will know the tricks when they are blackmailed to make money. At that moment, it is too late to repair the whole situation.

Why should you keep READ_IT.txt Encryption Virus away from your PC?

READ_IT.txt Encryption Virus will encrypt all the fields on the PC and then it will give you guides to contact them for the decryption key. To exchange this key, you have to buy several bitcoins, which will cost at least one thousand dollars. Besides, when you buy this item, you have to leave your personal data in the fishing website. After you log out the accounts, it will begin to read the data and apply them to steal your money. Continue reading

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