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Remove Search Solutions extension from Chrome, Firefox and IE

About Search Solutions extension

Please check your PC to see if there is browser plugin named Search Solutions extension. If so, you are infected with a kind of potentially unwanted program (PUP). And sometimes, it would also sneak inside the other programs or system. So you should also give attention on it even you get a negative answer. Every computer who is infected with added will get into hot water, and later it is destined to be damaged. So please try to stop it before tragedy happens.

Search Solutions extension could insert its ads in all kinds of programs with the goal to cheat users to open the malicious links. Besides, it could also attach to some official stores so that users will mistake them as the official news and trust them. So users will be redirected to the dark pages and they will get more freeware or adware on board.

delete Search Solutions extension

random redirect caused by Search Solutions extension

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How to Delete liveadexchanger extension from IE, Chrome, Firefox or Opera?

What is Liveadexchanger extension?

Liveadexchanger extension is famous for its ability to produce thousands of ads quickly and temptingly. So it is easy to speculate that this is an adware and its ads are here to trick you. And it targets to make profits from the infection to the PC. So users should be alerted when they detect it. This article will tell you more about Liveadexchanger extension so that you could identify it as soon as it appeared.

Liveadexchanger extension comes into the PC with the third party application.

Liveadexchanger extension could sneak inside the installing package of the third party application. And it attaches its accessories to these applications so that antivirus applications cannot detect it out, and even they are found out, users will give it permission. So when the application is installed, Liveadexchanger extension will get the permission to install itself as well. So users generally cannot clearly know when this adware comes inside.

get rid of liveadexchanger extension

liveadexchanger extension ads

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Remove / Uninstall NetStream 1.0 Adware Completely

What is NetStream 1.0?

When your PC suddenly shows up numerous ads by NetStream 1.0 here, covering banner ads, pop-up ads, in-text ads, video ads, sound ads, interstitial ads, etc., and you should set out to check the conditions here. The PC is most probably infected by adware. And NetStream 1.0 is a recently found potentially unwanted program (PUP), and this phenomenon should blame for it. You should be alert for the online activities from then on, in case the developers of NetStream 1.0 can take advantage of it and result in loss on you.

get rid of NetStream 1.0

NetStream 1.0 ads

More details of the ads by NetStream 1.0

As you know, these ads are well recognized with the titles of “Ads by NetStream 1.0”, “NetStream 1.0 ads”, “brought by NetStream 1.0” or “powered by NetStream 1.0”. And they will pretend to be a recommendation for good things and they dream that users will keep it in this way. These ads are probably made with the materials got from your behaviors. So the key words are always to your likings. Continue reading

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How Do I Remove Helper2 Extension Adware?

Helper2 extension

Helper2 extension is very common advertising-supported freeware and it will make money not directly from users, but by making use of users to get Profits. Then, how does this happen? This is a potentially unwanted program (PUP). From the moment Helper2 extension gets inside the PC, it begins to do harms. But what it means to do is to serve convenience for the dangerous items who will pay it money. As a result, it will not care much about if it has attributed to any harms.

get rid of Helper2 extension

ads from Helper2 extension

Helper2 extension is progressive recently. it could get inside the PC with the mishandle from users, and it is displayed by porn site or executed by freeware downloading bundle. When users open some abnormal connections on the porn sites, they are redirected to its related destinations, and then, Helper2 extension takes this chance to get inside. On another occasion, when users download freeware from the dark sites, it will follow. Also, users will keep clicking the “next step” and then they are turned to the step to download this adware. Continue reading

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How Can I Remove Social2Search Ads?


Do you have any idea what is Social2Search? It is not a difficult question if you have seen the ads brought by it. This is an adware, a producer and promoter for ads. Then, how can Social2Search make such delicate ads to endeavor you to fall into its trap? Primarily, in light of the fact that it is made up with the substance which is watched over from your online activities. In this why, you will believe these ads easily. However, you will get more suspicious items on your PC which can wreck your PC together with this adware later. In the other hand, your information and data are likewise at risk.

get rid of Social2Search ads

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